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    An ASP.NET Single Page Application: The Fantasy Football Draft Manager

    Like many Americans in August, I signed up to play in a fantasy football league. As I entered the pre-season draft this past weekend, I set forth my strategy, and knew I had some resources that would assist me in getting the best players available to me. I used the ample resources available to me, and built a simple single-page application to track the draft. With Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX controls at my disposal, I knew I could quickly put together a very responsive and speedy application that I could control with just the touchscreen on my laptop. This is the brief story of that application and how I used it to crush my competition. Read along and get a copy of the source code you can use too.
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    See what's new in RadControls for WinForms Q3 2012 SP1

    Earlier this week, Telerik Dev Labs released yet another pack of updates for our WinForms UI components. Q3'12 Service Pack 1 for RadControls for WinForms brings with it a number of exciting new features – particularly around our data manipulation controls. Only a few weeks following its beta release, we enhanced RadPivotGrid with built-in support for data binding to an OLAP cube. Furthermore, we packed two new modern UI skins, one of which was inspired by Visual Studio 2012 and the other one helps you deliver even better touch user experience in your WinForms apps. Of course, the latest update also includes a bunch of bug fixes and performance enhancements based on the valuable feedback you provided. Keep reading to take a glimpse into the highlights listed below. Read more >>
    December 15, 2012
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    Energize your Financial Apps with ChartView for WinForms. Multi-touch Charts Coming Up with Q3 2012

    Financial Charts Do you develop financial applications for WinForms? Do they need a visual boost in terms of financial charts and indicators? If the answers to these two questions are ‘yes’, then you will be definitely eager to meet the improvements in RadChartView coming in the soon-to-be-released Q3 2012. For this release we developed two types of financial series – Candlestick series and OHLC stick series. In addition, to aid the raw stick data, we have added a bunch of financial indicators that will allow end-users to easily visualize the trends exactly the way they want. Touch Support The next feature in the...
    October 11, 2012
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    Telerik WinForms are Now Visual Studio 2012 RTM Ready!

    Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2012 RTM is already a fact! We waited for it in great anticipation, just like you probably did. If you were with us in the recent years, you may have noticed that we always strive to ride the wave of the latest technologies, providing to you top-notch solutions on which you can rely for your applications. With the release of Visual Studio 2012 the situation is no different. I am proud to announce the full compatibility between the official version of Visual Studio 2012 and the RadControls for WinForms suite from day one. Toolbox, design-time support, form...
    August 15, 2012
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    Service Pack 1 of RadControls for WinForms Q3 2011 now available

    We could not stop ourselves from serving you yet another portion of great new features, improvements and fixes, so we decided that it is time for a Service Pack. The interest that we received for our RadPanorama control, multi-touch support and the other new cool bits of the suite naturally made the suite even cooler for this Service Pack. Here are the highlights for this release: RadScheduler built-in multi-touch behavior. Now your end-user can switch between views or navigate in a view by a multi-touch operation Improved RadPanorama design-time support. Playing with tiles has never been more fun. With the specifically designed Live Tile Editor...
    December 21, 2011