• .NET Desktop

    SyntaxEditor, New VS2019 Theme, .Net Core Design Time Support and a Lot More in UI for WPF in R3 2019

    TB_Thumb_Telerik_270x123 (002)
    R3 2019 release of the Telerik UI for WPF brings few brand-new controls – SyntaxEditor, FilePathPicker, ToggleSwitchButton, new Visual Studio 2019 inspired theme as well as design time and toolbox support for the .Net Core version of the WPF suite.
    September 18, 2019
  • .NET Mobile

    Telerik AJAX Visual Studio ToolBox Groups

    With the growing number of Telerik AJAX controls getting more and more with each subsequent release, it is gradually harder for the developers who are expending them to locate a certain control under a single Visual Studio ToolBox group. Which naturally leads us to the isolation of a separate toolbox groups based on the type and usage of the components. Starting Q2 2011, you will find the following ten VS 2008/2010 Toolbox groups for our AJAX components when you install them from the automated package (unless, of course, you canceled the automatic Telerik AJAX toolbox configuration action due to some valid...