• .NET

    [ReSharper] Directory name donates namespace Yes or No ?

    If you like us are passionate user of ReSharper you know that ReSharper "did not like" when a class' namespace did not correspond to the directory structure the file belongs to. To illustrate this lets look at a simple example. Imagine that we have a project named MyProject. By default its namespace is MyProject. Lets have a folder named MyControls in the project as well. Now lets add a class file in that folder, naming it "MyControl.cs". The default namespace that will be generated for the class will be MyProject.MyControls. It is constructed using the default namespace and joining it with the folder...
    July 04, 2008
  • .NET Desktop

    Tip of the Day: Clear your ClickOnce application store

    ClickOnce is a great technology that blurs the line between web and client(windows) applications. You can use it to easily deploy windows forms and WPF (through XBAP) app's. However there is common problem with it. The application store (the place where all ClickOnce applications get stored) has the ability to corrupt it self ending in an appropriate version mix of your application. You can end up in situation where "it works on my machine", but in reality the application did not work correctly. To avoid such situation it is a good practice to clear your application store before testing the...
    June 24, 2008
  • .NET

    Tip of the Day: Remove the most annoying Visual Studio shortcut - F1

    Have you pressed F1 in Visual Studio? Did you wait a couple of minutes cursing it? I did. And I found a cure, a very simple cure - remove the F1 shortcut. Here are the simple steps: in Visual Studio -> Tools -> Option -> Keyboard -> find Help.F1Help shortcut -> remove F1 key binding. You are cured!...
    June 19, 2008