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    Two New RadTips Episodes Featuring the RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

    I’m happy to announce two new episode of RadTips, a series of screencasts offering tips and tricks for using Telerik's RadControls. If you've missed previous episodes, be sure to check them out on Telerik TV. Each is only a few minutes long and covers a specific feature of the RadControls. Grouping with the RadGrid In this episode I show ASP.NET AJAX developers how to using the built-in grouping feature of the RadGrid. I start by demonstrating how you can enable dynamic grouping by setting just a couple of properties, allowing users to group data at runtime. Next I demonstrate how to...
    March 26, 2009
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    A new look at Telerik Trainer Resources

    For those of you who haven't taken a look at Telerik Trainer, I highly recommend you give it a once-over and see it for yourself.  Using the newest technology that .Net 3.5 has to offer, we have a rich, interactive, and easy to use training application that provides you with not only fantastic video tutorials, but also tips along the way and source code that you can follow along with to help in the learning process:     But I think that Ivo and John both have enough nice things to say about Telerik Trainer, I'm going to show you a neat new way that you can...
    March 02, 2009
  • Productivity Reporting

    Reporting 101 Webinar

    I recently hosted a Reporting 101 webinar where I gave an hour-long overview of Telerik’s Reporting tool. For those of you who missed it, and for those who would like to see it again, it is now available on Telerik TV for your viewing pleasure. Click here to view the Reporting 101 webinar on Telerik TV If you are interested in more advanced Telerik Reporting topics, stay tuned as I will be bringing you another Reporting webinar on Thursday, February 26th. The topic will be announced this week, so keep an eye on my blog or for more details. For those of...
    February 16, 2009
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    Another Sitefinity Case Study on Telerik TV

    Telerik Sitefinity evangelist Gabe Sumner and Telerik Chief Evangelist Todd Anglin co-host another case study on Telerik TV. This month, they interview Amith Nagarajan from Aptify as he discusses why his company chose Telerik as their CMS provider and shows off how they use Sitefinity on their website, Aptify, which Amith founded in 1993, provides powerful enterprise-level software built to meet the specific needs of many industries. So be sure to drop by Telerik TV and watch as Amith shows how easy it was to use Sitefinity CMS to build a powerful and flexible web site....
    November 05, 2008
  • People

    Sitefinity Case Study on Telerik TV

    Carl Franklin and Telerik's own Gabe Sumner host another case study on Telerik TV. This month, they'll interview Mark Davidson from Netfinity as he shows off Fusion Car Audio, the official site for New Zealand's leading exporter of consumer electronics. If you use Sitefinity yourself or are just curious about Telerik's award-winning CMS, you won't want to miss this show. Fusion Car Audio was built with Sitefinity, making use of built-in multi-language and regional capabilities and then extended with some custom modules. The site is SEO friendly and uses extensive URL re-writing techniques to maximize content across multiple regions and languages. So be...
    October 13, 2008