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    Telerik UI for iOS Works Flawlessly with iOS 9 Beta

    We are in the middle of the most exciting week in 2015 for the whole iOS developer community. Apple showcased great features for the end users, and there were also a bunch of new and improved kits that will make each iOS (game) developer’s life much much easier. We wondered how iOS 9 and Swift 2.0 would affect Telerik UI for iOS and quickly tested our Swift and Objective-C Demo apps against the new environment. Read on to check how it went. We would also be interested to hear your opinion about whether and for how long we should still support iOS 7.
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    Top 10 Conferences for iOS Developers to Attend in 2015

    In this post, Michael Crump shares 10 iOS Conferences happening in 2015 that you should be on the lookout for!
    January 21, 2015
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    Swift Support and Chart Improvements in UI for iOS Q3 2014

    The last few months were pretty exciting times for the iOS developer. In June 2014 at WWDC Apple introduced a bunch of new great stuff including HealthKit, Xcode 6 with playground functionality, AppleWatch and a brand new programming language called Swift. June 2014 was also exciting for Telerik as we introduced the first official version of UI for iOS – our comprehensive suite of native iOS components. Back then we started with Chart and Calendar, two controls very suitable for a HealthKit app. In Q3 we continue adding more feature and enhancements supporting your iOS development. Let‘s take a look at what’s new.
    October 30, 2014
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    My First Hello World with Apple's Swift and Telerik UI for iOS

    You’ve heard the big news from WWDC. Apple has a new modern language and it is named Swift. We at Telerik were eager to try the new language and write some code. Our first impressions are very positive, using Swift is easy and intuitive. Source code of the project is available for download.