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    Easy Charting with JavaScript and HTML5

    One of the coolest things that HTML5 brings to the table is technology for doing rich visualizations directly in the browser. Think about it. For years, web developers have been forced to do one of three things if they want to present a rich visual element...
    September 09, 2011
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    Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC – Getting Started with the Chart

    With the release of Q2 2011 we here at Telerik are proud to announce the Chart Extension for ASP.NET MVC. This component has been designed from the ground up with a high focus on performance and cross-browser compatibility and is based off of SVG and VML (for browsers that do not support SVG). Many of you are probably interested in how you can start working with the chart and this blog post should help guide you along the first couple of steps. Server Binding Out-of-the-box the chart component can very easily bind to any supplied model on the server. If the view...