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    The Top 10 Best-Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time–and a lesson in SubReport Data Binding

    Check out the top 10 best-selling video game consoles of all time - all while learning how to bind data from a main report into a SubReport.
    April 29, 2013
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    Telerik Reporting - Tips and Tricks

    What better source for tips and tricks for your beloved Reporting product, than a blog spot right from the kitchen where the product is ‘mixed’. As of this post, we would like to start a small series of tips and tricks that make a developers’ life sweeter. We’re not going to discuss general topics, so if you’re looking for answers for one of those questions – please review our documentation and our forums. As you can guess, the sub-report item, which lets you display one report within another report is widely used in Telerik Reporting.  It lets you compose complex reports from...
    October 31, 2008