• Testing Mobile

    On Inner and Outer Using Directives

    A true tale of inner and outer using directives and introducing a new, user created extension for JustCode.
  • .NET Mobile

    50% more ASP.NET skins

      A big thank you guys! Tribute to the generosity of you, our community, we now have 50% more skins available for the telerik ASP.NET components. Check out the latest additions in our Skins Exchange Program and feel free to download a copy for your project. Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite community skin – we have an Xbox and free RadControls licenses waiting for the winners. Voting will close on September, 15th. Once again, I would like to express our enormous gratitude to everyone who took the time to contribute their custom-made skins to the program. What started as a...
    September 05, 2008
  • .NET Mobile Desktop

    Visual Style Builder Survey

    Once again, I am excited to announce the start of a new initiative to improve the user experience with skinning the Telerik controls. We are starting work on a new Visual Style Builder application for the ASP.NET AJAX Controls and a major upgrade of the existing application for the WinForms Controls. The Visual Style Builder will allow easy, point-and-click customization of component skins, eliminating the need to get acquainted with the front-end structure of the controls. The Visual Style Builder will also speed up development of skins across several components - you will be able to define a style once and...
    July 28, 2008
  • .NET Mobile

    Q2 Asp.Net skinning

    It’s that time of the year again and we’re getting ready for the next quarterly release here at telerik. This time we have a major visual update coming for the ASP.NET product line. Almost all skins will get a refresh – some a minor QA to bring back to original designs, others a more thorough facelift. Wanted to get back to you even before the beta release next week with a sneak view of what’s coming so you can have your say. Here’s the major planned changes in skinning: Black skin preserves its general look only gets a bit less….well,...
    June 27, 2008
  • .NET Mobile

    How To Override Styles in a RadControl for ASP.NET AJAX' Embedded Skin

    In the era of the "classic" RadControls for ASP.NET modifying a skin required opening ~ / RadControls / [ControlName] / Skins / [SkinName] / styles.css and making the necessary changes. The new RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (formerly known as "Prometheus") by default use skins, which are embedded in the assembly. This simplifies deployment but sacrifices customization. Or does it? Actually, making a change to an embedded skin of a RadControl for ASP.NET AJAX is quite easy, given that one keeps in mind a couple of notable things. Namely: (1) Since the embedded skin cannot be modified, the custom styles need to be placed elsewhere. For example ...
    June 17, 2008