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    New Upgrades in Telerik Platform—Highlights & Use Cases

    New Upgrades in Telerik Platform—Highlights & Use Cases_870x220
    ​We recently upgraded Telerik Platform, with new functionality related to NativeScript, Angular 2, SQLite, Google, Multi-lingual features and more.
    February 02, 2017
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    Solving offline data persistence and data sync scenarios with Telerik DataSync for iOS

    Telerik DataSync is a powerful solution designed to simplify the task of data management and synchronisation on mobile devices. It features a lightweight ORM for local data persistence to SQLite, a set of highly-efficient algorithms for synchronising data over various network types - Wi-Fi, cellular, and so forth as well as seamless integration with cloud providers. It addresses a set of complex data persistence and synchronization problems commonplace in mobile application development scenarios.
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    Online and Offline Data Access with the same Model

    Telerik Data Access makes it easy to access both online and offline storage using the same model. Find out the two easy steps that are needed in order to achieve this with MS SQL Server and SQLite.
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    Data Storage for Windows Store Apps - a Walkthrough

    With the Q2 Release of RadControls for Windows 8 we announced a new Data Storage framework that fills the gap of a local database solution missing in Windows 8/RT. Our solution is based on the well-established SQLite engine but provides additional functionality. Particularly, we implemented a LINQ to SQLite provider and some simple ORM features for the .NET Framework on top of it. On the JavaScript and HTML 5 side, the ORM capabilities are wrapped by a lightweight library which allows JavaScript developers to take advantage of the local database storage using JS objects and standard SQL expressions.