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    Connecting Telerik Reporting to SQL Azure via Open Access

    Download SqlAzure.OpenAccess (C# VS2010) - 163KB In the previous blog post from the series we discussed how to connect Telerik Reporting to a SQL Azure database using ADO.NET with the help of the SqlDataSource component. Now we will demonstrate how to accomplish the same task with Open Access ORM utilizing the OpenAccessDataSource component. For the sake of this example we assume an existing SQL Azure account with the Adventure Works sample database already installed. Let’s start with a new Open Access domain model – the Open Access ORM Data Wizard starts. Choose Microsoft SQL Azure as a backend for the database connection and specify the connection string to your SQL Azure database as shown in the screenshot below: Choose the following tables...
    December 16, 2010
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    Connecting Telerik Reporting to SQL Azure via ADO.NET

     Download SqlAzure.AdoNet (C# VS2010) - 149KB Microsoft SQL Azure is a relational database service that allows you to host your SQL Server based database in the cloud. Since cloud computing is gaining a lot of popularity recently, we decided to demonstrate how to connect and consume an existing SQL Azure database with Telerik Reporting. There are three basic methods for connecting Telerik Reporting to a SQL Azure database: Using ADO.NET and the SqlDataSource component. Using Telerik Open Access and the OpenAccessDataSource component. Using Microsoft Entity Framework and the EntityDataSource component. In this blog post we will cover how to connect Telerik Reporting to SQL Azure via ADO.NET. The other two methods will be discussed in subsequent blog posts of the same series. For...
    December 10, 2010