• .NET

    Long Awaited Features in R2 2016 for Telerik Reporting

    The R2 2016 release of Telerik Reporting is live. We deliver top requested features like interactive sorting, improved page breaks and more.
  • Mobile

    Telerik DataSource for iOS Coming in Q1 2015 to Make Populating Data Easier

    In this article I would like to introduce you to the TKDataSource component coming in Q1 2015 in Telerik UI for iOS. TKDataSource is a universal adapter that employs the common delegate pattern, but removes the burden of implementing different data protocols for the different controls.
    February 17, 2015
  • .NET Desktop

    Expression Descriptors in Q3 2010 for WPF & Silverlight

    Another four months have gone by and another awesome release of RadControls has arrived! One of the exciting new features in this release are the so-called 'Expression Descriptors'. Previously, whenever our clients wanted to filter data but needed even more control than our good old FilterDescriptor could provide, they had to subclass it and override some of its methods. Even though that approach works, it is tedious and cumbersome. And, as much as LINQ Expressions rock, having to manually generate expression trees by hand... yuck! The new FilterDescriptor<T> allows you to directly plug a predicate that determines which items are filtered. You...
    November 11, 2010