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    Telerik UI for WinUI R2 2021: Scheduler, ListView, Latest Project Reunion Support and More

    Our latest WinUI release is live now—announcing Telerik UI for WinUI R2 2021. It is fully packed with fresh new components and features for your WinUI apps. Some of the new goodies are Scheduler, ListView, Shadow, RangeSlider, Swiss QR Barcode as well as many Document Processing features. In addition to all that, we are introducing Project Reunion 0.5.6 support and new sample app—WinUI Theme Editor.
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    Telerik UI for WPF R3 2020: New AutoSuggestBox, Office2019 Theme, Multithumb Slider & More

    Telerik Mobile Desktop Release R3 2020
    The R3 2020 release of Telerik UI for WPF is now live! It brings a ton of new features and improvements. Brand new Office2019 theme, new RadAutoSuggestBox control, NotifyIcon, Slider control support for multiple thumbs TimeSpanPicker editing functionality, and much more.
    September 17, 2020
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    How to Use a jQuery Slider UI Component in Your Web App

    Learn how to easily integrate a slider component into your web app. This component is ideal for volume and brightness adjustment, or anywhere else you want to make immediate changes.
    February 22, 2019
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    ToolTip Support for RadSlider for Silverlight

    Recently there was a feature request for out-of-the-box support for a ToolTip while dragging any of RadSlider's thumbs. Since we don't provide one yet we decided to check whether it is possible to accomplish this scenario with the current implementation of RadSlider. It turned out that it was actually quite trivial. Few attached properties, a little bit of knowledge about tooltips in Silverlight and voila! Below is the class that does all the magic. It is pretty self explanatory. public class SliderToolTipExtensions : DependencyObject {     private static string SingleThumbName = "SingleThumbHost";     private static string RangeStartThumb = "RangeStartThumb";     private static string RangeEndThumb = "RangeEndThumb";       private static string ValuePropertyPath = "Value";     private static string SelectionStartPropertyPath =...
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    Volume Mixer with the new shiny RadSlider for Silverlight and WPF

    As you may already know, we are working hard to improve the RadSlider in a broad way. We've fixed a lot of issues, but also added a lot of new cool features. Now it's so easy to customize and bind (in MVVM-ish way), that I've created this Windows 7 "Mixer" like example in less than an hour. I didn't change the Slider's ControlTemplate and don't have a single line of code behind. (Please note that the new slider will be available with the  beta of Q2.2011 ). Download and play with the new bits