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    ToolTip Support for RadSlider for Silverlight

    Recently there was a feature request for out-of-the-box support for a ToolTip while dragging any of RadSlider's thumbs. Since we don't provide one yet we decided to check whether it is possible to accomplish this scenario with the current implementation of RadSlider. It turned out that it was actually quite trivial. Few attached properties, a little bit of knowledge about tooltips in Silverlight and voila! Below is the class that does all the magic. It is pretty self explanatory. public class SliderToolTipExtensions : DependencyObject {     private static string SingleThumbName = "SingleThumbHost";     private static string RangeStartThumb = "RangeStartThumb";     private static string RangeEndThumb = "RangeEndThumb";       private static string ValuePropertyPath = "Value";     private static string SelectionStartPropertyPath =...
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    Volume Mixer with the new shiny RadSlider for Silverlight and WPF

    As you may already know, we are working hard to improve the RadSlider in a broad way. We've fixed a lot of issues, but also added a lot of new cool features. Now it's so easy to customize and bind (in MVVM-ish way), that I've created this Windows 7 "Mixer" like example in less than an hour. I didn't change the Slider's ControlTemplate and don't have a single line of code behind. (Please note that the new slider will be available with the  beta of Q2.2011 ). Download and play with the new bits
  • .NET Mobile

    Scroll And Slider ToolTip Extenders for RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

    ASP.NET Extender Controls are cool. They allow you to add rich client capabilities to other server controls. The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a wonderful example of unleashing the power of extenders to give regular ASP.NET server controls rich client capabilities. We tried this approach to further enrich RadGrid's otherwise quite solid set of client functionalities. The result is even richer. The sample project attached contains 2 custom extender controls that can be used with RadGrid. The two are similar in purpose, but different in usage. GridSliderToolTipExtender The GridSliderToolTipExtender is used with RadGrid's Slider pager. It provides you with a handy tooltip that is dynamically loaded over the RadSlider when you slide...
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    Editing Slider's ControlTemplate in Expression Blend

    In this tutorial I will show you how to edit the ControlTemplate of one of our controls – the slider. Before you begin you need to cover the prerequisites bellow. You have to download the Telerik Controls for Silverlight as well as the project that contains all the controls and their ControlTemplates. Telerik Controls for Silverlight Project with all the ControlTemplates – this project is created in such way that allows you easily to edit the control templates. This means that all the control templates are copied in the resources of each Silverlight page. If you are missing any of...
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    How To: Color Picker done with few slider controls

    This tutorial demonstrates how to create a color picker using nothing more than few elements and Telerik's slider control for Silverlight. To start off, create a new Silverlight project. It is up to you to decide whether you want a web page in the project or not. This particular example does not to include a web page, but a simple html page that is generated dynamically. Once you have the project created go ahead and add a reference to the Telerik.Windows.Controls.dll. At the top of your main UserControl, add a namespace in order to use the dll. Check if everything...