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    Visual and Dimension Improvements in UI for ASP.NET AJAX

    Visual and Dimension Improvements in UI for ASP.NET AJAX_870x220
    Learn about the latest enhancements you can enjoy in the appearance and dimensions of the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls.
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    Get your Apps Modernized for you with UI for ASP.NET AJAX

    Get your Apps Modernized for you with UI for ASP.NET AJAX 870x220
    Check out this blog post to learn how to modernize your existing and new web projects with the help of the new Spreadsheet, Label and Buttons controls, new Material skin and lightweight rendering introduced in all controls as of Q1 2016.
    January 13, 2016
  • .NET Mobile

    Touch up your app with Telerik’s MetroTouch skin for ASP.NET AJAX

    Have you ever experienced difficulties with hitting a button on a touch screen because of the button’s small size? Haven’t you wished texts were larger so you don’t need to zoom-in to read? No more troubles - our new MetroTouch skin for Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX controls is coming on board with Q2 2012, expected in about a week!    
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    New Telerik AJAX Skins Assembly

    In order to make the usage of embedded Telerik skins even more transparent than before and reduce the size of the main Telerik AJAX assembly (Telerik.Web.UI.dll), we decided to introduce a separate dll for the AJAX skins (Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll) to attain both goals. This assembly will be commenced with the official Q2 2011 release and some of you may have already noticed it in the AJAX Q2 2011 BETA pack posted several days ago. Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll will accommodate the new set of skins shipped with the AJAX Q2 2011 drop (Transparent + Office2010 Blue/Silver/Black) while the rest of the skins will remain wrapped...
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    Q3 2010 brings a new look for the RadColorPicker for ASP.NET AJAX

    Our third official release for the year 2010 will come with a major visual improvement for RadColorPicker for ASP.NET AJAX. While we focused on adding new functionality to the control the past few releases, we decided it was time for a thorough appearance review. Without further ado, here is the comparison between the old the new look (click to open in a new page): Apart from the polishing of the overall look & feel, we “rounded” corners for all palettes and added shadows for the popup palettes. Another major difference is the order of colors in the Default preset palette. I know...
    October 28, 2010