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    Some tricks with MEF up the sleeve of RadRichTextBox for Silverlight

    In Q2 we introduced the first official version of RadRichTextBox for Silverlight. In this blog post we want to share with you one of the main principles which we have followed while developing our brand new rich text editor for Silverlight - total extensibility. One of the key features which we have included is the ability to import/export from/to various document formats. For the first release we have already included some of the most widely used formats, such as .html/.docx/.xaml/.txt and in the next releases there are still more to come. As MEF is a wonderful technology, we have built...
    September 28, 2010
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    RadRichTextBox for Silverlight - a lot more Rich-ness and even more Rad-ness with Q2 SP1

    Right after the anticipated Q2 SP1 is out, let me introduce some of the features that make Telerik RadRichTextBox proudly prefixed by rad and rich. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here are some six thousand words for you :) Zoom in/out: Click here for online demo. Integration with RadBook: Click here for online demo. Actually the new documents presentation controls allow even scenarios such as this one: …but we will need your help with more real-world stories about this one. New properties- "Xaml", "Html", "Text" allow binding in Xaml, enabling MVVM scenarios, easier usage with databases, RIA services, DataForms...
    August 16, 2010
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    Create Silverlight Word Processor Using Just Visual Studio 2010 Designer

    Introducing RadRichtextBoxRibbonUI Some of you may have noticed that along with the official release of RadRichTextBox for Silverlight 4 we introduced a new control to our suite – RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI. Now we want to get your attention and share with you some more details about the new control. Its main purpose is to allow you to get a full featured editing UI for RadRichTextBox out-of-the-box with just one click. The whole process will take few seconds while you drag the control from the toolbox and drop it in the design surface. After that all the XAML will be generated automatically for you...