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    Telerik XAML controls Q2 2011 SP1

    The Service Packs of Telerik XAML controls (Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone) are out.  You can find a bunch of improvements and fixes in the service packs that are currently available for download under your accounts. You can check the updated demos at:  Silverlight demos WPF demos Some of the high spots for Silverlight and WPF are:  Improved QCV performance when having lots of groups on many levels (LinqToEntities) in the GridView. Added UI Layers API and allowed more than one style (Bold, Italic, Underline, FontSize) to be set on an empty span while editing a document in the RichTextBox. Optimized memory and performance of the TreeListView. Added declarative support for...
    September 22, 2011
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    Service Pack 1 release of RadControls for Silverlight/WPF is now available for download

    You can check the full release notes at: RadControls for Silverlight Release Notes RadControls for WPF Release Notes The installation files are available under your accounts. With this SP1 release we officially announce the RadDomainDataSource control. Due to the unplanned for increase in interest in development of Silverlight line of business applications, we are making our latest addition to our Silverlight suite available before our next major release so we can enable our clients to focus on delivering their great applications without worrying about any “plumbing”. Our new Domain Data Source components ensure codeless integration of all Telerik data bound controls to WCF RIA Services....
    January 14, 2011
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    Telerik RadControls for Silverlight/WPF Q2 2010 Service Pack 2

    Q2 2010 SP2 release focuses on "memory leaks" fixes. We are proud to announce that we managed to address most of the known issues, including the ones in our online demos.  For full details please check the Release Notes (Silverlight | WPF). To download the latest files log into your account and go to the Downloads section: RadControls for Silverlight RadControls for WPF  The updated online demos are available at: Silverlight | WPF demos. Some more details about the solution we implemented to address the known memory leak problems can be found in Vassil Terziev's blog post about  Silverlight 4 memory leaks, Telerik controls and a solution. We will greatly appreciate your feedback...
    September 28, 2010
  • Company News

    Silverlight 4 memory leaks, Telerik controls and a solution

    As most of the people doing XAML development already know Silverlight 4 shipped at Mix 10 this year. This official release contained a lot of issues (memory leaks included) and it was a reasonable decision for Microsoft to postpone their GDR (general distribution release – the one that comes with Windows Update) version. A few weeks ago, Microsoft finally shipped the GDR. One of the things all developers hoped for was a resolution to the known memory leaks. The GDR did fix a lot of memory leaks, however, it did not address all of them and there are still some...
    September 27, 2010
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    SP1 of Telerik Reporting Q2 2010 released; new videos on their way

    A few days ago we released the Service Pack 1 of Telerik Reporting Q2 2010. Although this is the first Service Pack for Telerik Reporting for this release, it is quite impressive in the amount of improvements it contains in all product fronts - VS report designer, data source components, report rendering and processing, and in the report viewers. The shortlist of the most important fixes includes better medium trust support, addressed Table/Crosstab design time issues related to TableGroup.GroupKeepTogether, KeepTogether, and repeating GroupHeader section overlapping other sections. The improvements include SqlDataSource support for stored procedures under MySQL, support for the ODP.NET ADO.NET provider,...
    September 23, 2010