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    A Sneak Peek at our ASP.NET AJAX RibbonBar development

    A few months ago, I blogged about Telerik’s ASP.NET RibbonBar control (or just ribbon for short) in general: why use it; a few words about the ribbon spec; improvements we have made and future plans we have for it. Now, few days after the 2012 Q3 release, I am blogging about our progress in this area, as well as bringing up some other lesser known features of the ribbon. What's old new in the Ribbon I did mention this in my previous post, but perhaps I did not emphasize it enough: apart from complying with the MS specs more, we introduced two major features for...
    November 01, 2012
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    Nesting Prism Regions using RadRibbonBar

    This post is update to my first post about "Decouple RadRibbonBar with Composite Silverlight (Prism)" (Read More). Nesting Regions in Prism could sound weird to someone, but the demand for this is growing. Check this forum post for more info. As a result to this post I've decided to update my previous example project. I've started by marking the one of the RibbonTabs as a Region as well, giving it a name...