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    Less Screen Space with the New Simplified Mode of RibbonView

    DotNetT Dark_270x123
    Check out the latest feature of RadRibbonView - changing the default layout mode to a simplified one. Designed for all fans of keeping things neat and organized! Do it now with the smaller, compact ribbon that shows you the most common used ribbon elements in a streamlined single line interface.
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    The Story of the Ribbon so far and to come...

    The ribbon (or RadRibbonBar, as we have named it) is among the most tempting-to-use looking and yet somewhat neglected controls. True, it has received some Microsoft love with being the core command component in the Office suite, as well as being more deeply integrated in the soon-to-be-released Windows8, but overall it's not been used that much. Main reason being “why use it”. That, by the way, is an excellent question. So why use the ribbon? To answer that, let's first analyse the control and its purpose: it looks like a tabbed command area; a tabbed toolbar if you will. For the most part,...
    August 23, 2012