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    Separate Skin Assembly in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX with Q3'11

    Probably all of us have identified at some point the following trend in software development — newer version usually means bigger assemblies. Sure, some of the new stuff is features that we use on a daily basis; but some of the new stuff is just eye candy that we don't always use. In fact, wouldn't it be nice if we could get just the software with the default looks; get the job done then and, if needed, add that sweet UI candy to it later? And in order to tackle this problem — maintain a reasonable file size of the main Telerik...
    November 15, 2011
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    Telerik Assembly Minifier - official release

    What is Assembly Minifier If you still don’t know what it is: You should first read my previous post, where I announced the first Beta version of the tool You can watch the “Introduction to Assembly Minifier” video, kindly provided by Todd Anglin and Telerik TV You can read “why Silverlight application size matters” (the xap file) and how Assembly Minifier helps you reduce the XAP file size - by Todd Anglin. Read more… You can go to http://minifier.telerik.com/,  get your reduced Silverlight assemblies, build your application's XAP file with the new assemblies and significantly improve your application performance and downloading experience   What is New in the Q2 2010...
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    Telerik Assembly Minifier

    What is it? Telerik Assembly Minifier is a tool that lets you extract only the controls’ classes and resources you need to use in your application development, thus significantly reducing the size of the assemblies. Using the Assembly Minifier you will achieve significantly better loading time when the XAP files containing the minified (optimized) assemblies are to be loaded on the client side. Reducing (minifying) the size of Telerik Silverlight assemblies In order to minify the assemblies, you should: Open the application at: http://minifier.telerik.com. Browse and upload Telerik Silverlight Assemblies, the ones that you want to optimize. See the tips at the bottom, for more information on uploading. After you select...