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    Native Binary Excel Export Made Its Way to Our ASP.NET TreeList

    Q1 2012 brings yet another popular export format to the already rich set of TreeList features. This time, we added support for the Microsoft Excel format. The exported files are based on the binary BIFF standard and hereby they are fully compatible with virtually all versions of Microsoft Excel and most of the XLS BIFF compatible software. Another benefit is that you will be able to access the output file using the widely popular OleDB Jet provider. Similar to the PDF export, you can apply custom styles in two different ways – using the built-in item styles (ItemStyle, HeaderStyle and the...
    March 02, 2012
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    New Client-side Features in Q1 2012 for RadTreeList for ASP.NET AJAX

    We are excited to announce that we have added a few long-awaited client-side features to Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX TreeList control in Q1 2012. The control now provides built-in support for reordering, resizing and showing and hiding columns, enhanced with various options for configuration and rich client and server-side API. Following this I will provide some more insight on each of the new features and the cool effects you can achieve by enabling them:Column Reordering The column reordering supports two different ways of changing the places of two columns:  Swap: switches the places of the two columns (default option) Reorder: inserts one column before or after...
    February 17, 2012
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    TreeList for ASP.NET AJAX Enhanced with Keyboard Navigation and Export to PDF in Q3 2011

    Following the tradition of extending the accessibility support for our controls, we are glad to announce that, starting with the Q3 2011 Beta release, we have added keyboard support to Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX TreeList control as well. This enables the user to carry out most major operations of the control with a few handy shortcut keys. Some of the more important actions accessible through the keyboard are: Action Shortcut key focusing the control on the page Ctrl + Y single, multiple and range selection Ctrl/Shift + Space expand/collapse of items Left/Right arrow keys navigating the active row Up/Down arrow keys insert/update/delete operations Enter and Delete keys You can set the preferred keys and other...
    November 17, 2011
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    AJAX TreeList - New Q2 2011 Features

    I want to introduce you two new cool features in the RadTreeList for ASP.NET AJAX, available into the Q2 2011 release. RadTreeList Scrolling Sometimes you need to load dozens of rows into the RadTreeList, however the space where the RadTreeList control is placed on the page is not so big and the entire layout of the page is messed up. In this case you may feel some discomfort with necessity of scrolling. So here it is, you could use it when the page has limitations regarding the size of the RadTreeList control. To enable the scrolling of the RadTreeList you need to set the ClientSettings.Scrolling.AllowScroll property to true.
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    RadTreeList Visual Studio designer in Q2'11 ASP.NET AJAX

    It is my pleasure to present you the brand new Visual Studio designer for RadTreeList control, which is available in Q2 2011 RadTreeList smart tag First of all RadTreeList provides a convenient access to frequently used properties through its Smart Tag in Visual Studio: The smart tag lets you: Bind the RadTreeList by setting its data source control Enable/disable paging and sorting functionality Enable/disable client side selection Create RadTreeList columns collection Open the advanced editor
    July 06, 2011