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    Telerik XAMLflix Data Visualization Webinar Wrap-up

    Thank you everyone for turning out to Tuesday’s XAMLflix Data Visualization webinar, featuring the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF in action. We covered a lot of ground in this webinar, moving at a quick pace to present the wide range of Telerik Data Visualization controls with lots of hands-on coding and examples, but as those who attended can see we didn’t even have time to cover them all (yes, we do have that many first class data visualization controls in our toolbox). A Quick Recap For anyone who may have missed the webinar, here is a quick recap to entice you to watch...
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    XAMLflix proudly presents RadTimeline

    It's Friday and we're on day two of the XAMLflix Q1 2012 Release Marathon! If you haven't been watching XAMLflix, you may have been living under a rock these last four weeks, but regardless we've now got a brand new XAMLflix page on the site to help you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest from this series as well as providing links to all past episodes. And trust us, folks, with well over 70 controls in Silverlight and 60 in our WPF suites, we've got a lot more coming! For a quick recap, XAMLflix = Videos + Projects covering all...
    February 17, 2012