• .NET

    TileView with DataPager

      With this post I’ll show you how to create a simple catalog like functionality for your application using RadTileView and RadDataPager.  We will create a catalog with 10 000 RadTileViewItems distributed in 100 pages and each page will have UI Virtualization. At the end this sample application will look like this: Demo We’ll start with a tileview, a datapager <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">     <Grid.RowDefinitions>         <RowDefinition />         <RowDefinition Height="Auto" />     </Grid.RowDefinitions>       <telerik:RadTileView x:Name="myTileView" />     <telerik:RadDataPager Grid.Row="1" /> </Grid> … and a simple business item...
    March 08, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    Virtualized TileView for Silverlight and WPF, different sizes, automatic scrolling and much more.

    With the Q1 2011 release just being around the corner a new and amazing version of RadTileView will be available. It is sleek, fast and more responsive than ever and it brings a whole set of new features and functionality to the table. Download and play with the new bits . Virtualization The main feature, that I’m sure you’d like most is the UI Virtualization (delaying the creation of UI Elements). We implemented it in both tiling scenarios: Restored – this includes both directions - Horizontal and Vertical . It means that if you have 10 columns x 1000 rows you'll get 10 000 tiles and you’ll see both scrollbars....