• .NET

    Performance Improvements in RadSlider

    As Miro mentioned in his last post, with the upcoming 2011 Q1 Beta, we will release a new and improved version of RadSlider. A lot new features are being added and many of the existing hot spots were addressed along the way. One of them - the performance hit when RadSlider has to re-render its ticks. I took the liberty to compare the impact of RadSlider on an application before and after we made the improvements. Scenario: Every second, for 60 seconds, generate a new ViewModel and set it as DataContext to RadSlider. Goal: See how many times the LayoutUpdated event will...
    April 22, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    Volume Mixer with the new shiny RadSlider for Silverlight and WPF

    As you may already know, we are working hard to improve the RadSlider in a broad way. We've fixed a lot of issues, but also added a lot of new cool features. Now it's so easy to customize and bind (in MVVM-ish way), that I've created this Windows 7 "Mixer" like example in less than an hour. I didn't change the Slider's ControlTemplate and don't have a single line of code behind. (Please note that the new slider will be available with the  beta of Q2.2011 ). Download and play with the new bits
  • .NET Mobile

    Improvements in the visual appearance of RadSlider for ASP.NET AJAX

    The RadSlider is getting a subtle, but still important update for its visual appearance in the Q1 2010 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. We made the appearance of all skins be consistent so you can have more choice when it comes to picking the right one for your application. Here is the comparison between the old an new look: The first difference is that we have added a border at both ends of the slider track. The border is not part of the track itself. The second difference is that all slider arrows now have a background and look...
    February 26, 2010