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    Using RadRibbonWindow with RadRibbonBar for WPF

    As you can expect, we have received a lot of great feedback from the community regarding RadRibbonBar.  One thing that people always asked about, however, was how to better integrate the RadRibbonBar into the actual window itself.  This way, rather than having the Window title and RadRibbonBar title both displaying, it would provide for a more seamless user experience.  Well, we listened. :) With our latest release, we have included the RadRibbonWindow to the RadControls for WPF library, allowing you to take the old window + RadRibbon combination and create something a little more visually compelling. First we want to add the...
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    Decouple RadRibbonBar with Composite Silverlight (Prism)

    Let's suppose we want to decouple our application that uses RadRibbonBar as a main menu. Doing this using Composite Application Guidelines (Prism) is common scenario, so let's see how to achieve it. We'll make our RadRibbonBar to serve as RegionManager (This is possible because RadRibbonBar inherits from ItemsControl) and the RadRibbonTabs as actual views that will be plugged-in. So first we start with declaring RadRibbonBar as RegionManager : <telerikRibbonBar:RadRibbonBar Regions:RegionManager.RegionName="RibbonRegion" /> Having Region we can focus on creating the actual views. Let's add new Silverlight class library project and name it SalesRibbonTab. Now we need the view itself, so add new class let's say Ribbon...
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    Installing and Using the RadRibbonForm template

    If you are planning to use the RadRibbonBar and want to get started quickly, then you might consider using the RadRibbonForm template in VIsual Studio.  While you can use a standard form the RadRibbonForm allows you to use the RadRibbonBar and have it extend into the Title bar, just like Microsoft Office.  You will first need to install the template so it is available to you in Visual Studio.  To get started, navigate to the C:\Program Files\Telerik\RadControls for WinForms [version]\Templates.  If you are using CSharp open the CSharp directory, there are Visual Basic versions as well, in appropriately named folders,...
    April 07, 2009