• .NET Mobile

    RadControls for Windows Phone 7: Introducing RadWindow

    Graphical user interfaces are rife with popups and messages springing from every direction in order to notify users of important information. The Windows Phone 7 experience is no different and RadWindow is here to provide this functionality. Currently the toolkit for windows phone development provides a Popup control out of the box, so why bother writing a window from scratch? The main reason is that the stock popup is not hardware accelerated, that is, animations on UI elements displayed on it are executed on the UI thread, it doesn’t matter if the animation is a simple double animation, if you...
    November 15, 2010
  • .NET Mobile

    RadControls For Windows Phone: Using RadPickerBox

    RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker have a lot of basic common functionality. One of the components that provide some of this common functionality is RadPickerBox. It is a very basic control designed to provide an easy way for users to display some content, just like ContentControl :
    November 03, 2010