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    RadMenu for ASP.NET Ajax - Working with disabled JavaScript

    As you may know accessibility standards require a web page to work when JavaScript is disabled. In this blog post I will show you how to make RadMenu work even without JavaScript. I will also show how to make JAWS reader "see" all items rendered by RadMenu (even the hidden ones). Disabling JavaScript First we need to find a way to disable JavaScript in our browser of choice. For FireFox you need to install the web developer toolbar plugin. Then you can easily use the "Disable JavaScript" option: In Internet Explorer you should first edit the security settings for the zone in which your...
    October 02, 2008

    Introducing: the telePhone

    After digging around in Telerik's old Visual Source-Safe server, I found a long-forgotten prototype of a RadMenu skin. I felt the urge to disclose it to you, and hope that you will like it. the telePhone prototype On second thought, this initial draft looks good enough, so we might switch to hardware production. Don't be evil, we were first! Maybe we could even go 3G... Ok now, getting serious - you could use this sort of menu for navigating when there is a large hierarchy in the site navigation (or, to be more specific, a hierarchy that has a wide tree). Currently, no...
    June 13, 2008