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    RadFormDecorator – New Styling Options for WebKit Browsers

    I am happy to announce that with Q3.2009 SP1 we have added a new important styling option for the scrollbars of textboxes and overflown <div /> elements for Apple Safari and Google Chrome: If you are running a custom skin and would like to use the new functionality, here are a few easy steps to upgrade: 1. Make sure that you are using Q3.2009 SP1 (2009.3.1208.35). 2. Open [RadControlsInstallationRoot]/Skins/FormDecorator.css – the base stylesheet of RadFormDecorator and go to line (Ctrl + G) 612, i.e. where the "ScrollBar CSS Settings for WebKit" code comment is. 3. Copy the CSS rules from line 612 to the...
    December 10, 2009