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    Using RadDocking with PRISM in WPF/Silverlight

    With the our Q3 2013 SP1 release of RadDocking we introduced some new functionalities in the RadDocking control which helps using the control in MVVM scenarios. You can find more information about this topic in my previous blog post here. Before proceeding with this blog post it’s good to be familiar with PRISM and its functionalities because it will be accent of the blog post.
    December 11, 2013
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    Building IDE with RadDocking for WPF/Silverlight

    One of the key concepts when building an application stays the layout – what should it be? How should it be defined? It’s a tough question with lots of different answers. Of course, Telerik always tries to make the development easier and here is our answer as simple as possible – the combination of RadMenu and RadDocking controls.
    December 09, 2013
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Wrap-up and Source Code

    Hey everyone, it is the day you've all been waiting for.  So what makes April 8th so special?  Today on the live webinar I added the last module to the Silverlight Recruiting Application, both in the code-behind and in the MVVM/Prism versions.  Here is a quick look at the end result: Pretty neat, right? :) To get some of the pre-requisites out of the way, to play with this you will need... Visual Studio 2008 Silverlight 3 WCF RIA Services Beta for VS2008 (last version release for 2k8) Ideally you'll all have downloaded the Q1 2010 release, but if not I included the...
    April 08, 2010
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    WPF RadDocking Overview

    It’s been a while since the Q3 2009 release. Lots of controls have been added in our toolbox for WPF. One of them is considered as a final official release of RadDocking control for WPF. We have made a lot of improvements since the last release of the controls. For example each of the six themes included in the bundle now has different type of appearance when applied to a control. RadDocking is a fully customizable and skinnable control that enhances the power of a layout system. It is providing you with a docking system like the one in Microsoft Visual Studio. You are getting the dockable ToolWindows, a hidden DockingManager control, and a designer to easily create attractive layouts. It is good to mention that the WPF RadDocking code is absolutely compatible with its Silverlight counterpart.
    December 07, 2009