• .NET

    Telerik Reporting offers industry’s first built-in Silverlight Viewer

    The Q3 2009 release is now in the past, but the newly introduced features are here to stay. Although the newly introduced JustCode productivity tool stirred quite a bit of excitement at PDC and in our forums, it cannot yet shade the native Silverlight support for reports created with Telerik Reporting. Telerik Reporting Silverlight Viewer Although there are several Silverlight viewer implementations out there, most notably for SQL Reporting Services, there is no reporting product that offers true native support for Silverlight. The Telerik Silverlight Report Viewer is designed to render Telerik Reports within Silverlight projects (see demos). The Silverlight viewer uses the same rendering...
    November 23, 2009
  • .NET Mobile

    Introduction to RadRating

    One of the new controls we added to the Q3 2009 RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX suite is RadRating. Even though this is the first release of the rating control, we made sure that it is packed full of excellent features and it has the same quality you have come to expect from the Telerik ASP.NET suite - cool skins, wide cross browser support, automated tests, and more.   You can see all of the control's features on its overview page, but I will list some of the major ones here as well: whole item/half item/exact precision; four possible orientations; customizable number of...
    November 17, 2009
  • .NET Mobile

    How to Use Google Spellcheck with RadSpell

    Sometimes the default spellchecking algorithms in RadSpell are not providing the best possible suggestions for misspelled words. For example, the phonetic algorithm works best with English words, but is not very accurate with Russian. The edit distance algorithm is language independent, but will not recognize easy mistakes if the word spelling is not very similar to the original. Unfortunately, implementing your own custom algorithm for a specific language is not an easy task. The latest Q3 2009 release of the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX features a new example for RadSpell, which shows how to use an existing service provided by...
    November 09, 2009
  • .NET Desktop

    Enhancing the Localization Support of RadControls for Silverlight and WPF

    With the Q1 2009 SP2 release of RadControls for Silverlight we introduced an enhancement of the LocalizationManager class. Two new properties were added to enrich the localization support in the suite - DefaultCulture and DefaultResourceManager. With the new properties you no longer have to always create an instance of the LocalizationManager. Here is a brief description of the two properties: DefaultCulture A static property of type System.Globalization.CultureInfo. Use this one to change localized values without changing the UI culture of the current thread. DefaultResourceManager A static property of type System.Resources.ResourceManager. Use this one to change localized values using a new resource manager, i.e. a new resource file. Example: The attached...
  • .NET Desktop

    Localization for RadControls for Silverlight and WPF

    As we are continuously working on the localization of all our controls, we'd like to share how the localization is actually progressing at our side. With the RadControls for Silverlight Q1 2009 SP1 we introduced the LocalizationManager. Actually we have used it to localize the RadUpload control for Silverlight. Now we have four more controls localized right from the box: RadTreeView, RadMediaPlayer, RadColorSelector and RadColorPicker. In the attached example you can see them localized. Another control to be localized soon is the RadGridView control. The LocalizationManager allows you to easily localize any of our controls. In addition, we followed the practice to share the same code across Silverlight...