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    How To: Run an installer as administrator with logging enabled

    Tired of enabling installer packages with User Account Control turned on? Miss the right-click & Run as Administrator command on MSI files? Want to easily run each installer with logging enabled? At least I was. Here is a quick way to add a Run As Administrator With Log command to msi files (inspired by David Ebbo’s post ): All we need is modify the MSI.Package class definition in the registry. The first step is to add a “runas” shell entry. This allows the command to automatically be run as administrator. The next step is defining a command to be executed. This is the...
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    Two steps installation

    1st click, 2nd click and you are ready to go. These are the steps required to install any Telerik product as of the Q1 2011 release. The idea behind this change is to provide better user experience during installation. To achieve this we have minimized the steps that you have to perform when installing any Telerik product while at the same time we have left the same flexibility to customize what is installed. Let me introduce the new installation workflow: Step 1 On the first dialog you can read the license agreement of the product if you click the Read License Agreement button. By continuing...
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    Some insight on the Telerik Weather Station application

    We have recently uploaded the Weather Station demo showing some of Telerik controls for Silverlight in a great rich context. Following Kalin’s blog post announcing the main features, this one is to provide some notes on the technical side of the matter. Here is a list of the main features: Find client’s location upon startup and retrieve weather information if available. Store current locations and favorite ones in the local storage for proper loading on next startup of the application. Use two formats for weather values - Celsius and Fahrenheit. Search for custom location. Display brief location information (on smaller zoom levels) as well as...
    November 26, 2010
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    Keep your project and Toolbox in sync

    I guess the larger part of you have to maintain various projects using different versions of a Telerik suite, let’s say RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. Having in mind the above mentioned scenario, working with two projects referring different versions of the Telerik.Web.UI assembly there are the following options :   Have parallel installs of both the RadControls versions on your machine. This one works fine until one day, while in a hurry, you just expand a RadControls group in your Toolbox, drag a control over your page, attempt to build the project and find it broken. The reason for...
    November 11, 2010
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    How To: Hierarchy Load On Demand With RadTreeView for Silverlight, MVVM and OData

    Similar to this post, I’ve made a similar example on how to load on demand RadTreeView for Silverlight three level hierarchy using MVVM and OData service:  XAML  <UserControl.Resources>     <DataTemplate x:Key="OrderDetailsTemplate">         <Grid>            ...         </Grid>     </DataTemplate>     <telerik:HierarchicalDataTemplate x:Key="OrderTemplate"             ItemsSource="{Binding OrderDetailsCollection}"             ItemTemplate="{StaticResource...
    October 26, 2010