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    Demystifying unexpected redirects to login page in ASP.NET

    Have you often configured the authorization settings of your website to specify areas with special access rules? One of the common scenarios is to create a website that should be available only to authenticated users. When doing this, have you ever run into the strange behavior of a login page life cycle being executed multiple times when the access to all pages is denied for anonymous users? Read on to see why this happens and how you can avoid it with only a few changes in the web.config file of your website.
    January 11, 2013
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    Fun with RadCaptcha for ASP.NET AJAX and OCR software

    A friend of mine was evaluating OCR software and finally decided to go with FineReader. I was curious what would happen if we put the RadCaptcha control in. Will the advanced OCR manage to decode it or not? At first he showed me a test run with the RadCaptcha demo description, to get an idea of the basic output:  
    April 19, 2010
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    RadCaptcha for ASP.NET AJAX audio feature available in Q1 2010

    Now that the Q1 2010 release is here, I want to bring your attention to a cool new feature in our RadCaptcha control for ASP.NET AJAX - audio support. Head on over to our online demos to see the feature in action. Enabling this on an existing CAPTCHA is easy - you just need to set the CaptchaImage-EnableCaptchaAudio property to true. Adding this feature to your site will allow blind or partially sighted people to use it as well. The audio support presents some very interesting possibilities for people who like to customize things. For example, you can replace the original audio files...
    March 31, 2010