• .NET

    Animating the RadBusyIndicator while the UI thread is frozen

    One of the challenges when developing an application is to give visual indication while a long running process is occurring. In Silverlight this can be easily achieved using the RadBusyIndicator control. However, the UI thread sometimes gets frozen.
  • .NET Mobile

    Announcing RadControls for Windows Phone Q1 2012

    Welcome to this milestone release for RadControls for Windows Phone, as it brings the suite to a whole new level - fully embracing the concept of Rapid Application Development. This is actually our first release which includes not only classic UI components, but also infrastructure that helps you implement and integrate very common scenarios used throughout mobile applications.                     But let’s just skip the  lengthy introduction and move directly to the unpacking. I’ll start with the entirely new components that are available now: RadPaginationControl – a really powerful approach to deliver rich content presentation in your WP application. This control allows you to enable...
    February 16, 2012