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    Easy Ways to Upload and Validate Large Files in ASP.NET

    This blog post intends to provide information on the RadAsyncUpload ChunkUpload functionality as well as some techniques for file type and size validation using the standard ASP.NET FileUpload control or custom JavaScript code. Here you may find very useful information about the different modules used by Telerik ASP.NET AJAX RadAsyncUpload for validating and uploading files.
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    Uploading Files with Telerik’s ASP.NET Async Upload Control More Flexible than Ever

      Following closely our customers’ feature requests and the latest browser implementations concerning the Html5 FileApi, we keep on our development tradition by adding to Telerik’s ASP.NET Async Upload five new features and support for uploading files in iPad/iPhone iOS. Drag-and-Drop From Q3.2012 RadAsyncUpload supports uploading files by dropping them not only over the upload itself but also over different DropZones on the page. This is easily achieved by setting the DropZones property which lists CSS selectors (with comma separators) allowing users to have a more intuitive functionality. More details can be found in this demo. Manual Upload  Another functionality that provides more flexibility in the process of...
    October 24, 2012
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    RadAsyncUpload for ASP.NET AJAX Revisited

    File API and Drag and Drop RadAsyncUpload has undergone significant changes since it's initial release back in Q1 2010. With the advent of the HTML 5 FileAPI and the updates to the XMLHttpRequest object, it is now easier than ever to utilize AJAX mechanisms when uploading files, a practice that was hardly possible prior to that. As you may have expected, RadAsyncUpload is not lagging behind these concepts and since Q2 2011 it utilizes a FileAPI module, which is now the default one under FireFox 4.0+, Safari 5+ and Google Chrome and will be used by default in the upcoming IE10. The File API module provides all functionalities provided by the other modules (multiple...
    November 24, 2011