• .NET Mobile

    First Look at RadButton for ASP.NET AJAX!

    We will extend our ASP.NET AJAX suite in Q3 2010 with a new control. The component is called RadButton -a fully customizable button control that allows you to build complex forms and easily manage the user input. The standard ASP.NET button controls (Button, RadioButton, CheckBox) can be easily replaced by the RadButton control, since most of their functionality is provided by our control, and is configured by the same or similar(intuitive) properties. On top of that we offer many additional features. Here are some of RadButton's key features: Rich client-side functionality - Many of the server properties are exposed on the client,...
    October 26, 2010
  • Company News Desktop

    Q3’10 Pre-Release Series: Telerik extends the WinForms suite with new LOB features

    Q3 2010 is around the corner and it will be yet another promising release for RadControls for WinForms. In the previous milestone we introduced 5 new controls, added a faster and more robust data layer to RadGridView and improved its UI layer. Our last major release of the year will deliver an enterprise upgrade to the Telerik GridView and Scheduler controls which will enhance demanding LOB applications with better user experience and performance. Register for What's New in Q3 2010 Webinar - Telerik WinForms controls RadGridView RadGridView’s new Lazy data loading defers the loading of an object until the point at which it is needed,...
    October 22, 2010
  • .NET

    Roadmap for Telerik Reporting Q3 2010 has been posted

    In case you've missed it, the Q3 2010 Telerik Reporting Roadmap has been posted on our site. Although seemingly short, our plans are quite exciting, because we are to extend the report interactivity we introduced in Q2 2010 with Drill-down (expand/collapse) and Sorting for our crosstab, table, and list report items. In addition, we have started working on a XML Report Serialization Engine which will allow report definitions to be represented in XML and saved as a stand-alone XML file. Finally, an important note: in Q3 2010 the Silverlight Report Viewer will be build against Silverlight 4 only. The reason is simple: the Silverlight Report Viewer utilizes our RadControls for Silverlight controls and themes, which...
    August 26, 2010