• .NET

    Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone first official release

    As the market and Windows Phone 7 are getting bigger so do the RadControls for WP7. Q1 2011 marks the first official release of Telerik’s RadControls for Windows Phone 7. The suite has grown up to 20 controls built from the ground up for the Windows Phone 7 Operating System to deliver new user experience based on content and motion, complying with all Metro design patterns. Combining Telerik’s expertise in Silverlight development and the capabilities of the Windows Phone platform, RadControls for Windows Phone 7 are super light and blazing-fast controls for building mobile applications. Amongst these 20 controls you can find...
  • .NET Mobile

    Localization support for RadControls for Windows Phone

    We are happy to announce that the very first official release for RadControls for Windows Phone is here. As we promised, we polished the existing controls as much as possible for this release and added a small feature that many people will find useful, namely Localization support. The Q1 2011 release provides a localization mechanism that users can utilize by providing localized resources either through code or through resource files.  In order to localize the existing controls users have to create a ResourceManager that will contain resources in their native language and pass it to the LocalizationManager class in the RadControls suite. Also, the localization...
    March 17, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    RadControls for Silverlight/WPF Q1 2011 is here

    It has been an amazing quarter for the Telerik XAML teams. Q1 2011 brings 6 new controls for Silverlight, 5 new for WPF and tons of improvements and new features. Amongst these new additions are the new ScheduleView control for Silverlight, RichTextBox editor for WPF, DataForm, ExpressionEditor, new MaskedInput suite, TimeBar and a SpellChecker control. Another major re-design of our online demos is now in place and demonstrates not only our advanced controls but also how we envision great UI built on Silverlight.  If I can summarize the entire Q1 release in just a few words it is all about ease of use, amazing...
  • .NET

    JustCode Q1 2011 RTM is here

    As part of Telerik’s major Q1 2011 release, JustCode arrives with tons of great new stuff. The biggies are Code Cleaning, Decompiling and Options Sharing features.  Our brand new Code Cleaning feature allows you to reformat and tidy up your code in a single step. We have been working on an integrated decompiler for quite some time. It allows you to seamlessly browse through decompiled code in referenced assemblies as if it were source. With this release of JustCode you can start doing that without leaving Visual Studio. Applying code style standards across the team is now possible with the new Options...
    March 16, 2011
  • Company News

    Run Your Telerik Reports in the Cloud and Export Them to Word, PowerPoint & Excel 2007+

    As with every release, the Q1 2011 focus for Telerik Reporting has been on both -- the end-user and the developer. Analyze, Update, Present & Share Data Supporting the Office Open XML standard, developed by Microsoft for representing spreadsheets, presentations and word processing documents, was a natural evolution for Telerik Reporting. This notable end-user feature means that starting from Q1 2011 Telerik Reporting will be able to export its reports to 2007/2010 Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents. Native support for the Office Open XML standard means a couple of important things: Firstly, we are not simply exporting an image of the report,...
    March 12, 2011