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    Telerik UI for WPF: Introducing Text Search Navigation in RadTreeView, RadPropertyGrid, and RadPanelBar

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    Telerik UI for WPF is now more accessible than ever. Learn about the newest Text Search Navigation functionality in RadTreeView, RadPropertyGrid, and RadPanelBar controls.
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    Q2 Telerik UI for iOS Offers DataForm and More

    The second major installment of Telerik UI for iOS for this year is already here, packed and stacked with new features and improvements. Two new great controls complement the suite: DataForm and Alert. Without beating about the bush, let’s dive into more details about each of these controls.
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    ListView and DataForm in UI for Xamarin Q2 Release

    It’s time for the second major UI for Xamarin release for this year, Q2 2015, and we are just excited as your are. With this release, ListView for Xamarin Forms gets rid of the Beta tag and becomes official, and now you can use it in production in apps developed with a single shared C# code base. Read on to learn what's in Q2 2015 for you.
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    Introducing RadPropertyGrid for WinForms

    Following our WPF and Silverlight suites, it is our pleasure to present you another great member of the Telerik WinForms family – RadPropertyGrid. RadPropertyGrid for WinForms displays the properties of a given object in a user-friendly way allowing the end-user to edit these properties using our editors. Now you can concentrate all the settings in one place instead of scattering them all over your forms. RadPropertyGrid gives the end-user the ability to filter, group and sort its items thanks to our data processing engine. RadPropertyGrid takes full advantage of the virtualization mechanism, so even if you load an object with...
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    Roadmap: ListView and PropertyGrid controls Coming to RadControls for WinForms in Q2 2011

    With the release of RadControls for WinForms Q1 2011 SP1, we officially completed the Q1 2011 release, and it is time to pave our way towards Q2 2011. The first thing we did, of course, was to schedule the tasks for the release and we think that it is time to share our plans for Q2 2011. Among all the goodies that the new release will feature, the most important are two new controls: Property Grid. This powerful control will provide a sophisticated Visual Studio-style property grid, and will allow for theming and customizations. Developers will be able to easily create...