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    How To Override Styles in a RadControl for ASP.NET AJAX' Embedded Skin

    In the era of the "classic" RadControls for ASP.NET modifying a skin required opening ~ / RadControls / [ControlName] / Skins / [SkinName] / styles.css and making the necessary changes. The new RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (formerly known as "Prometheus") by default use skins, which are embedded in the assembly. This simplifies deployment but sacrifices customization. Or does it? Actually, making a change to an embedded skin of a RadControl for ASP.NET AJAX is quite easy, given that one keeps in mind a couple of notable things. Namely: (1) Since the embedded skin cannot be modified, the custom styles need to be placed elsewhere. For example ...
    June 17, 2008
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    The New RadControls Installer

    We have been using the same old installer for a very long time. The reason for that is very simple - because it worked. However, with the release of the new RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax suite we felt that it is time for a change. The people who tried our new futures build for Q1 2008 already know what I am talking about - the Prometheus controls come with a totally redesigned installation experience. There were two main issues we wanted to address - install/uninstall speed and the look & feel of the installation wizard. I am happy to say that we achieved...
    March 31, 2008
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    RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and validation

    Our good friend Peter Blum recently announced official support for our upcoming RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (aka "Prometheus"). All customers that are using his Data Entry Suite will be able to integrate validation into the Telerik controls almost invisibly and without much pain and effort.    For those of you that are not familiar with Peter Blum, he is an ASP Insider and the author of the BEST set of validation controls on the market. I don't have any reservations to recommend his products as they are well done, very stable and very well documented.   
    March 07, 2008
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    A Preview of the RadEditor Prometheus provider for DotNetNuke

    Today we have released a preview of the new RadEditor Prometheus provider for DotNetNuke 4. The provider configuration remains basically the same, so people should have no problem enabling and configuring the new editor in DNN. The installation for the new provider is greatly simplified. We tried to eliminate most of the manual steps, which were required with the original RadEditor HTML editor provider. Basically, the provider now comes packaged as a module PA, so you can install and enable it directly from the web site. Detailed installation instructions (both for the automatic and manual installation) are available in the distribution...
    February 29, 2008
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    Squeezing the last millisecond from the page load time

    Hi, my name is Erjan Gavalji. I am a developer in the ASP.NET division at Telerik. I am new to blogging, but I hope the topics I present will be of a real use. RadControls for ASP.NET provide rich client-side functionality and nice look trough a number of external files - JavaScript code and CSS definitions. Those resources are registered through <script> or <link> tags and are downloaded by the browser. Part of the client-side code in RadControls “Prometheus” is shared between all controls. It is contained in a different file to prevent downloading it multiple times when several controls coexist in a...
    February 14, 2008