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    How To: Print your DataGrid (or any UIElement) on multiple pages with Silverlight 4

    In Silverlight 4 you can use PrintDocument to print easily any UIElement: …    var doc = new PrintDocument();    doc.DocumentName = YourDocumentName;    doc.PrintPage += (s, e) =>    {         e.PageVisual = YouUIElement;    };    doc.Print(); … and I’ve made an extension method that can be used to print any UIElement on multiple pages: public static void Print(this UIElement source, string documentName) { ...
    January 15, 2010
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    Export and Printing RadGridView using Telerik Reporting

    Hi everyone, by means of introduction my name is Martin Vassilev and I am a support officer with the Windows Forms team here at Telerik. As of late, we noticed increased interest towards RadGridView data export capabilities. What we have always told our customers is that the RadGridView will have only basic Microsoft Excel export capability, until we are able to implement a commercial grade format converter here at Telerik. However, that requires quite some time, and customers can’t wait right? What was needed was a quick, easy, stable way of exporting RadGridView content to formats such as RTF, PDF and...