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    Add Outlook AutoComplete functionality to your WinForms apps in a few simple steps

    In Q2 2012 we introduced a cool brand new control in Telerik’s WinForms suite – RadAutoCompleteBox. This control allows end-users to easily fill-in text thanks to autocomplete functionality and tokens of text coming “out of the box”. This behavior enables you to easily simulate the  Outlook and Facebook autocomplete functionality available to users each time they send a new message and pick the recipients  in the ‘To:’ field of their outgoing message from a convenient pop-up list with suggestions. 
    December 19, 2012
  • .NET Desktop

    The Telerik WinForms Suite Boasts RadAutoCompleteBox

    Q2 2012 is coming close, so we decided that it’s time to gear you up for all the great goodies that are on their way. Today, we are going to show off one highly requested control in our Public Issue Tracker. As we are the first component vendor to introduce such a control in our WinForms suite and there are no established standards, we had some doubts about the name of the control. However, this is now out of question and here it is: RadAutoCompleteBox. So, what exactly is RadAutoCompleteBox? RadAutoCompleteBox allows you to easily fill-in tokens of text in a...