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    RadTips, Episode 12: Sharing Toolbars with the RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX

    I’m happy to announce another episode of RadTips, a series of screencasts offering tips and tricks for using Telerik's RadControls. If you've missed previous episodes, be sure to check them out. Each is only a few minutes long and covers a specific feature of the RadControls. Here is a list of the last few episodes... Customizing Appointments with Resources in the RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX  Customizing Templates in the RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX  Spell-Checking with the RadSpell for ASP.NET AJAX Add an 'Export to PDF' Button to the RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX Customizing the Look of the RadAjaxLoadingPanel for ASP.NET AJAX If you’re interested...
    February 05, 2009
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    Image caching in PDF

    Over the past few days I worked on an image caching mechanism in the PDF Rendering Extension and I am happy to announce that the achieved output size reduction was more than significant. The Problem When a report contains the same binary image many times, the PDF Rendering Extension has no way of knowing that it is actually one and the same and renders it many times thus wasting disc space. For an illustration of this case imagine that you have your company's logo in the page header and your report is 200 pages long. The Solution: Enter Cyclic Redundancy Check I've implemented a central...
    September 09, 2008
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    RadControls for WinForms gaining more speed

    …Or how you should manage predefined themes in Q2 2008 As mentioned previously, RadControls for WinForms is the only WinForms suite which provides WPF-like effects on the classic Windows Forms platform. This has its challenges, because the Windows Forms platform was not build with such rich visualization in mind. For example, performance suffers if too many elements are animated on the form; the form/application start up time increases with too many visual elements on the form, etc. It is our job to try and find ways to keep these times at a minimum, but keep the same rich functionality and dazzling...
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    Optimizing the load size of Telerik Silverlight controls

    Following the expansion of our Silverlight suite (more than 15 controls coming out next week) and the feedback we’ve got from the community, we are now in a process of optimizing the size of the assemblies. Instead of including all our controls into one big assembly, we decided to group them into several smaller ones. This will reduce the size of the XAP file when you are not using all the controls in the suite. We came up with the following list of assemblies: Telerik.Windows.UI.dll Telerik.Windows.Controls.Navigation.dll Telerik.Windows.Controls.Input.dll Telerik.Windows.Controls.Web.dll Apart from this list there will be assemblies that hold the themes of the controls - e.g. separate assemblies for the Telerik, Vista and Default themes.   I...
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    Increasing the compression ratio of the XAP files

    Today I was hacking around with a Silverlight application and decided to check if it is possible to recompress its XAP file in order to save some bytes. As you might already know, the XAP files are just renamed ZIP files and you can open and view their contents with almost any archiver. I created a simple batch file that extracts an archive to a temp folder, deletes it and then compresses the extracted files into a new archive with the same name as the original (I am using the open source archiver 7-Zip, which was installed in its default location): @if...