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    Run Your Telerik Reports in the Cloud and Export Them to Word, PowerPoint & Excel 2007+

    As with every release, the Q1 2011 focus for Telerik Reporting has been on both -- the end-user and the developer. Analyze, Update, Present & Share Data Supporting the Office Open XML standard, developed by Microsoft for representing spreadsheets, presentations and word processing documents, was a natural evolution for Telerik Reporting. This notable end-user feature means that starting from Q1 2011 Telerik Reporting will be able to export its reports to 2007/2010 Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents. Native support for the Office Open XML standard means a couple of important things: Firstly, we are not simply exporting an image of the report,...
    March 12, 2011
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    New Themes Coming to Telerik Windows Forms in Q1’11 and Why We Rebranded an Existing Theme

    As you all know Telerik always strives to follow the latest UI innovations and improvements that the software market offers. With the release of Microsoft Office 2010 we turned our eyes and efforts into creating a theme that covers this style. As a result in Q3 2010 we introduced the Office2010 theme which followed the silverish look of Microsoft Office 2010. However, we did not stop there. We wanted to provide the full color palette that Office2010 provides. This is why the Telerik Office2010 theme is going to be followed by new fellow themes – Office2011Black and Office2010Silver: Office2010Blue Office2010Black Office2010Silver You should be...
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    Q3’10 SP1 of RadControls for WinForms available for download

    Yesterday, we released Q3 2010 SP1 which introduced many improvements and bug fixes throughout the whole suite. The most important improvements aim to satisfy the customers’ demands regarding a better RadGridView Property Builder and a new Office 2010 theme (also known as Office 2010 Silver): RadGridView Office2010 (Silver)
    December 16, 2010