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    Using LinqPad with Telerik OpenAccess ORM

    LinqPad is a nice and popular query analyzer made to test LINQ queries: whether it is Linq To Sql, Linq to Objects or some other flavor, you will be able to play in a nice way with it. Sadly it does not support Telerik OpenAccess ORM out of the box. However we never said it is impossible – you just have to put some more pressure to it. So, the first step is of course to deploy Telerik OpenAccess ORM and LinqPad on your machine. Then do the following: a) Open LinqPad and press F4 to bring up the Advanced Query...
    July 23, 2009
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    LINQ 101 Examples with Telerik OpenAccess ORM

    We all know that today LINQ is the most popular and easy way for processing data in the .NET community. In fact you can use almost all data sources you might think of: plain objects, XML or relational databases. While we have been offering an extensive LINQ support for months now, and we are continuously improving it, I don’t think it received the credit it deserves. So we decided to foster the awareness of our community towards the great LINQ support we provide with the Telerik OpenAccess ORM tool. Ok, easier said than done. What approach should we take with this one? A...