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    Online Launch of 3 new Telerik products – JustMock, TeamPulse and WebUI Test Studio

    As you probably already know we have introduced 3 new products in the last 10 days, two of them at DevConnections in Las Vegas alone. If you didn’t get a chance to attend DevConnections, we have organized an “online launch” so you get to see our new products first hand. Here is the schedule: Introduction to Telerik JustMock – Tuesday, April 20 @11am ET Join the online launch of JustMock - a new developer productivity tool from Telerik designed to make it easy to create unit tests. In this webinar you will find out what is in the current release and learn about...
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    Mock. Just Mock. JustMock.

    It's my pleasure to announce the newest member of the Telerik product family – JustMock . We’re about to release the first beta of this new product on the 12th of April and the first official version is expected to be part of the Q2 release. Except JustMock, there’re some other big announcements we’re going to make on the 12th of April so please, stay tuned. This is just announcement 1/3. JustMock, as can be inferred from its name, is a mocking tool that will help you create better unit tests by making it easier for you to create mock objects (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mock_object)...
    April 06, 2010
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    Another new Telerik product - conundrum

    We'll be releasing a new product for Q1 and will be posting a ton of details about it in the coming weeks. Before that happens though, I thought I'd give everyone a chance to win a very special, limited-edition Telerik T-shirt. All you need to do is to provide a correct answer to the riddle below (which can give you some clues about the new product but you still need to be a bit creative): "I am a product of art Your capabilities I'll test And put all worries to rest In Visual Studio I run And using me is fun" Enjoy! p.s. Please use real names that I can identify in our database so...
    February 03, 2009
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    A new product from Telerik?! Oh, what could it be?

    We'll be releasing officially a very exciting new product in Q3 2008. The game is on - would be fun to see your comments. If you provide a correct answer, you will get a cool Telerik T-shirt:)
    August 07, 2008