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    My So-Called Enterprise Life

    Let's be honest; as developers, we have bought into a lie. Silicon Valley has told us that software is all fun and games. It's Emoji, open source and multi-billion dollar acquisitions. It's thermostats with artificial intelligence, virtual reality (again) headsets and drones. . .
    April 07, 2014
  • Productivity

    Forward Mapping with OpenAccess and MySQL

    Those of us who develop with the .NET Framework have probably connected to a Microsoft SQL Server database at one time or another. If you’re using v3.5 of the Framework, you’ve probably even used the new LINQ to SQL object relational mapper to hook your web forms up to your database for easy data display and manipulation. But what happens if you aren’t using SQL Server? What if you want the same functionality – and ease of use – that LINQ to SQL provides, but need to use a different database technology? Enter OpenAccess. Telerik’s OpenAccess ORM supports many of the most popular...
    February 16, 2009