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    Telerik ASP.NET MVC Extensions: Upload Deep Dive

    Recently there have been quite a few questions popping up around our ASP.NET MVC upload component, specifically when working with it in synchronous mode. Although this variation of uploading files is not really too complex when compared to its asynchronous counter-part, I believe some of the confusion stems from the MVC syntax that is used in our online demo. My goal with this blog post is to provide a bit more clarity to what exactly is happening in this demo, mostly taking a look at the MVC syntax. Before we get started, open up our Synchronous Upload demo in your favorite...
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    Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC in Azure – Part 2, Deploying your Application

    In Part 1 of this series we covered how you can create an MVC (both MVC 2 and MVC 3) web application that is ready to be published to the cloud. Of course we also went through how you can make this application a Telerik application, taking use of our Visual Studio Extensions. What the application actually does is up to you of course, but now that you’ve finished developing everything you want to take it to the next level; you want to deploy! Launching to the cloud So your project is ready to rock and you’re eager to brag to everyone that...
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    Output Caching and Telerik Extensions for MVC

    When we pushed out Telerik TV, we ran into an interesting style issue.  We were using output caching on our index page to save the server a little work.  However, sometimes when a user navigated to tv.telerik.com/home it would look like this: This problem would only manifest itself on the production server, and shockingly there were no errors! By looking at the source of the page we quickly realized that neither the StyleSheetRegistrar, nor the ScriptRegistrar were outputting anything at all.  This made it clear that the Render method on the StyleSheetRegistrar / ScriptRegistrar was not firing, or something was causing them...
    September 15, 2010
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    Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC Official Release is Just Around the Corner

    The Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC continue to march triumphantly towards their v1 in the Q1 2010 release. Thanks to your valuable feedback during the past few months, we were able to shape our roadmap and produce the next batch of UI extensions: TreeView, Calendar, DatePicker and a set of 4 Input components - NumericTextBox, CurrencyTextBox, PercentTextBox and IntegerTextBox. All of them are lightweight, semantically rendered, embracing the ASP.NET MVC principles and designed to deliver maximum performance to your MVC applications. The flagship component, Grid for ASP.NET MVC, matures more and more with its latest enhancements. You can now achieve multi-level grouping,...
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    Building Real Applications with Telerik MVC & OpenAccess – Building the Model

    Using OpenAccess Forward Mapping really allows you to focus on building a strong model, rather than getting caught up in the persistence details, and this can expedite development time dramatically. Every developer I know could use a little more time to focus on more important things :) Before we can use the OpenAccess Forward Mapping Wizard, we need to create a model for our application.  After we have a solid model, we can run the wizard, and it will create the database for us! Awesome!   Getting Started The first thing that I do is create an abstract base class that all business...
    February 11, 2010