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    The Most Wanted Features in RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX in Q2 2013

    Check out the great new features of RadGrid: a new hierarchy load mode, client-side show / hide for MultiColumn Headers and a new GridAutoCompleteColumn.
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    RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX boosted with new features in Q2 2012

    We are proud to announce that the rich set of client and server-side features in RadGrid has grown with two new long-awaited members. Starting with the Q2 2012 Beta release we have introduced the option to add MultiColumn headers to RadGrid and a new flexible client-side template for the GridTemplateColumn. Below I will present in short each of the two features and how they can help you visualize and summarize your data in much cooler ways. First we’ll start with the MultiColumn headers. This feature gives you the ability to build arbitrary complex structure on top of your headers which summarizes...
    June 08, 2012