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    RadControls for WinForms Roadmap: Check. Q1 2011 Released: Check.

    We are proud to announce the first major release of RadControls for WinForms for this year, where we worked towards expanding and optimizing the whole suite. To start off, I can say that we introduced a fully refurbished RadTreeView control with new UI and data layers which allow it to bind several times faster! Of course, we are trying not only to optimize the existing products, but to offer new components in the suite as well. By popular demand, we developed a brand new control that helps you break a complex process into separate steps – RadWizard. Additionally, in the spirit of...
  • .NET Desktop

    RadControls for WinForms will support Microsoft Active Accessibility in Q1 2011

    Telerik has always strived to make its products accessible and available to a wide range of people. It is part of Telerik's vision for providing leading developer products, just like browser support in our AJAX controls, right-to-left language support, localization, performance, and everything else that makes up excellent controls. In the upcoming Q1 2011 RadControls for WinForms will implement Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) support which will make the Telerik WinForms controls the first suite to be compliant with the latest user interface accessibility and UI automation standards (FYI, in Q1 we will also extend our localization support and support for right-to-left languages to all...
    February 15, 2011