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    Is This Thing On? (Part 2)

    In our last post we looked very briefly at the APIs currently available to help detect connectivity state in mobile/web apps. Our conclusion? Browser APIs have a long way to go in this area! Nevertheless, when used together – and in tandem with a heartbeat check that attempts to talk to a remote endpoint – these tools can be quite useful. But what's the best way to use them 'together'? At the end of part 1, I said that I think a state machine abstraction would work well to manage all of this…but you might be wondering, "What's a state machine?". Before I show you the what and how of finite state machines, I think it's important for us to understand the why of state machines. So, grab some popcorn and prepare to laugh (and hopefully commiserate) as I walk you through what it could look like to solve the connectivity problem without a proper state machine.
    May 09, 2013
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    Getting Your Bearings

    There is no shortage of confusion around the question of which path to take when targeting mobile devices. Entire white papers cover this topic and are still incomplete. With that in mind, my goal with this post is to provide, perhaps, a starting point. Getting answers is critical, of course - but knowing the questions to ask is the first step.
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    Demystifying Apache Cordova and PhoneGap

    If naming a thing is hard – getting used to a name change is even harder. "PhoneGap" is a recognizable name to most developers that have been involved in (or at least aware of) hybrid mobile application development. "Cordova", on the other hand – what's that? For me, it invokes images of the famous Spanish general, or Italian food, and sounds like a new sports car....or driving a sports car at high speeds to an Italian restaurant (always a win-win)...
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    Consuming Services - How to get useful data into your app

    One of the first questions I routinely get from people who are starting with Icenium is, "How do I get useful data in to my application?" So, I would like to show how to consume a few different services. I will be using jQuery to consume the services.
    January 08, 2013
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    Icenium LiveSync with the Samsung Galaxy S III

    Icenium LiveSync enables you to easily deploy an app in development to one or more devices and see changes made--in real-time in both the integrated device simulator and across all connected devices--without having to recompile. In order for LiveSync to work, your development environment must be able to communicate with the device.
    November 19, 2012