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    iOS 7 Support for Kendo UI Mobile Available Today!

    Happy Tuesday, everyone! Getting ready to fire up a new tab and hit your favorite “Liveblog” for today’s Apple event? I certainly will be. Before the internet comes alive with real-time reaction to whatever tricks Apple has up their sleeve today, however, we wanted to share a bit of exciting Kendo UI news: official support for the latest version of Apple’s flagship mobile OS, iOS 7 is available to Kendo UI Mobile customers, today!
    September 10, 2013
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    Creating A Mobile Site For Your SQL Server Data

    Mobile sites are a fantastic way to expose your enterprise data to mobile users within your organization. They are fast and are built with technology you already know. Using MVC 4, we can leverage server-side code to build static pages that result in fast and secure enterprise mobile applications.
    September 04, 2013
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    Icenium + Kendo UI = Awesome

    Today is a big day for Team Telerik (makers of Kendo UI)! After years of planning and production, today marks the official release of our newest product, Icenium. And it's awesome. Icenium is the industry’s first end-to-end, Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE), designed to revolutionize the development of hybrid...
    October 22, 2012
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    HTML5 Forms Support in Kendo UI Mobile

    HTML forms are used to collect data from the user through a series of input and selection elements. Prior to HTML5, the elements and input types defined for user input facilite general purpose scenarios. However, a number of challenges remain - specifically as it relates to...
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    Todd Anglin at WebVisions PDX 2012 (Video)

    Last week, Todd Anglin (VP, HTML5 Web and Mobile Tools) spoke with the folks at Metal Toad Media during WebVisions PDX 2012 about HTML5, Kendo UI, and the future of web development. In addition to covering Kendo UI, Todd talked about to motivations for using HTML5 to build mobile...
    June 12, 2012