• Testing

    30 Days of TDD – Day 23 – Mocking… FROM THE FUTURE!

    The examples I’ve been working with for this series have assumed that you are doing "Green Field” development. This means that we are writing an application from scratch and can make sure all of the things that make code testable are incorporated into our design from the start. The biggest one of these things being the user of dependency injection. But what if you are working on “legacy” code that still uses static dependencies and not dependency injection? Is TDD and unit testing out of reach due to a decision made at the beginning of the project? Not necessarily.
    November 20, 2013
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    30 Days of TDD – Day 21 – A Tale of Two Defects

    Test Driven Development changes the way you approach development of new features in your application. But it doesn’t stop there. Good TDD practice extends to the way you deal with all features and code you add to your application. In this post you’ll see how the practices of TDD extend to defects and demonstrates that your tests are part of your code and why it’s important to pay attention to their quality as well.
    November 13, 2013
  • Testing

    Telerik’s DevCraft is Visual Studio 2013 Preview Ready

    Telerik DevCraft is Visual Studio 2013 ready!
    August 13, 2013
  • .NET

    Slides, Source Code and Video to the “Getting Started with JustMock” Webinar Now Available

    Chris and I wanted to thank you all for attending the “Getting Started with JustMock” webinar. The slides, source code and recorded video are now available for you to explore. If you have any questions, then feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email/tweet. I encourage you to go ahead and download your own copy of JustMock and start experiencing Fast, Fluid Unit Testing for yourself. WEBINAR MATERIALS Slides, Source Code and the Recorded Webinar Video is now available for you to enjoy.
    December 06, 2012
  • .NET

    Just Launches Getting Started Webinar Series

    Would you spend an hour to learn how to make your work life easier and improve your code? The Just team is launching a new Getting Started webinar series, just for you. These introductory webinars will show how the Just tools can boost productivity and help you code better and smarter, every day. The series kicked off with JustCode in July and will focus on one Just tool each month: Getting Started with JustMock – August 14, 23 Getting Started with JustDecompile – September 4, 20 Getting Started with JustTrace – October 2, 23 To ensure your code behaves as expected the webinar on...
    August 03, 2012