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    Are You a Developer Who Survived the Apocalypse

    Make Some Resolutions! Surviving three apocalypses in two years was so exhausting that I managed to miss three others. We supposedly have five more years before the next, but I fully expect a hipster apocalypse or zombie uprising before then. It may even be the same event if a nefarious person discovers NSA back doors in Apple products. 
    January 03, 2013
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    Mocking Property Getters and Setters

    In typical unit testing scenarios, mocking property getters and setters isn't high on the list of areas of concern. Where it usually comes into play is when an entity’s properties’ values (or the act of setting them) are part of the scaffolding, or behavior for the system under test.
    December 27, 2012
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    Mocking Constructors with JustMock

    In .NET there are two types of constructors, instance constructors and static constructors. Instance constructors are called when objects are instantiated, while static constructors get called before any member of the class is invoked for the first time.
    December 13, 2012
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    New Mocking Capabilities in JustMock Q3 2011 SP

    Telerik JustMock received many new features in the service pack for the Q3 2011 release, enhancing the mocking framework’s impressive ability to mock almost everything. Let’s take a look at a few highlights of JustMock Q3 2011 SP. Mock Inside a Threadpool Mock objects can be accessed inside of another thread and work as expected. var mockable = Mock.Create<Mockable>(); Mock.Arrange(() => mockable.IsMocked).Returns(true); bool mocked = false; var latch = new WaitLatch(); ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(cookie => { try { mocked = mockable.IsMocked; } finally { ...
    February 03, 2012
  • Company News

    Online Launch of 3 new Telerik products – JustMock, TeamPulse and WebUI Test Studio

    As you probably already know we have introduced 3 new products in the last 10 days, two of them at DevConnections in Las Vegas alone. If you didn’t get a chance to attend DevConnections, we have organized an “online launch” so you get to see our new products first hand. Here is the schedule: Introduction to Telerik JustMock – Tuesday, April 20 @11am ET Join the online launch of JustMock - a new developer productivity tool from Telerik designed to make it easy to create unit tests. In this webinar you will find out what is in the current release and learn about...